Recycling is one of the fastest growing industries in Ireland.

Producers, retailers and consumers all have a role to play in the management of waste.
Improved regulation of the collection, recycling and disposal of waste has been legislated for at European level and transposed into Irish law.
Choosing Irish Metal Refineries to recycle all your waste means working within the legislation and knowing that your waste will be recycled to the highest industry standards.

We at Irish Metal Refineries have over 20 years experience in all fields of recycling and with our team of trained operatives we can optimise the percentage of materials recovered for recycling or re-use. We are conveniently located between the M1 and the M2 and our service extends to all regions of Ireland. We hold collection permits for all regions of Ireland. Irish Metal Refineries operate in a fully permitted secure premises with live security monitoring 24 hours a day. Irish Metal Refineries have held a waste permit since 1996. We are fully insured and our insurance extends to cover all off site contractual work.

Green is in. Waste is out.

Companies of all sizes across all industries are under intense pressure from public and environmental regulatory authorities to reduce their waste and employ green technologies.

This is no longer a PR issue. The environmental impact of a company is now a core concern among its operations. With the increasing waste disposal costs and tightening waste management regulations, organizations are in a dilemma over how to approach and handle recycling issues. This is where we come into the picture.

There are many industrial premises around the country which are currently unoccupied due to a previous tenant closing down the business

This often leaves a problem for the owner of the premises, apart from the obvious loss in income from rent there can be many instances where the building needs to be stripped back and old equipment removed to prepare the building to once again be available for re-occupation by a new tenant.

We can offer a unique service in that in addition to full project management and restoration of building to desired spec, we will also convert scrap assets into cash. Often a client can recover substantial revenue while at the same time returning the building to a prime income generating asset once again. We will take the project under full control and you can be assured of a successful outcome.

We are Ireland’s foremost provider of end-to-end comprehensive waste management solutions. We provide turnkey as well as highly customised solutions to effectively manage multiple waste streams at a variety of levels in organizations of every size.