E-Waste Disposal Experts

With the usage of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) on the rise, the amount of electrical and electronic waste (e-waste) produced each day is equally growing enormously around the globe. IMR are one of the pioneers of Electronic Waste Recycling in Ireland. From our outset in 1992 we have been recycling Electronic Waste. Over the years we have forged links with many of the world’s leading refineries. This has enabled us to offer our customers the best return on their material.

We specialise in the recycling of:

  • I.T Equipment
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Data Centre equipment
  • All mobile phone technology

All electronic waste will be managed by our partner company ICT company. Click here to redirect to their website.

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Computers, Laptops
& Phones




Motherboards & Components




RAM & Processors


UPS & Batteries